RiverGlass Creations™
Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass selected from
the shores of the Hudson River 
Hello and welcome to our site! We have a passion for making jewelry and keeping our community clean. How did we decide to bridge these two passions?

While walking with my husband and two daughters along the Hudson River near our home in New York, we stumbled upon a beach colored in bold glass. After initially being upset at the pollution along this beautiful river, we had an idea to not only clean the beach, but to turn the glass into beautiful and usable jewelry. RiverGlass Creations™ was born.

Each of our eco-friendly jewelry pieces are truly a labor of love.
First, we carefully select a pendant of RiverGlass™ based on shape, size and color. We then wash it and etch it to a smooth finish. The glass pendant is then wrapped in a wire of naturally occurring precious metal, usually silver or copper, paired with natural and unnatural beads of marble, glass, stone, etc. Then I handcraft custom features such as wire spacers, rings, tubes, and clasps to give it that one-of-a-kind special touch. 
We invest all of this precious time into designing a custom piece of wearable art for you. We hope you enjoy each RiverGlass Creations™ piece!

"Where Eco meets Elegant."™

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