RiverGlass Creations™

Unique jewelry created from recycled glass
gathered from the shores of the Hudson River.

 Welcome to RiverGlass Creations

We have a passion for making jewelry and keeping our community clean. Each of our eco-friendly jewelry pieces is a true labor of love.

Living in upstate NY along the Hudson River we are surrounded by many beautiful wonders, one being the breath-taking Hudson River. However, when walking along its banks and finding a patch of rocky beach covered in broken glass, the last thing we thought was "Oh, how breath-taking!" In fact, we were incredibly upset. After brainstorming, my husband and I decided to collect some of the glass and see what we could create.

Our idea evolved into: Re-purpose, Re-imagine, Recreate. 
And that is just what we do. We collect these glass pieces -
wash, smooth, and polish them - so that we might
transform  each one into what we like to call wearable art.
Our glass piece is then wire-wrapped into a beautiful
pendant and  matched with natural stone, glass, pearl,
crystal, and other types of beads to create something
entirely re-imagined. We take our time and carefully
create jewelry that is unique and  eye-catching.

Each piece of jewelry brings us one step closer to preserving this wonderful river that is so close to us and our hope is that others will partner with us by purchasing our jewelry. RiverGlass Creations™ is not just about fashion. It is about something much greater: preserving the wonderful world God has given us.

Won't you join us?

"Where Eco meets Elegant."™
When you purchase a jewelry item from RiverGlass Creations™ you are not only investing in unique, quality jewelry,
but you are also helping to preserve the beautiful Hudson River valley in New York.

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